Evie and Lester

  • 1 year old brother and sister
  • Must be rehomed together
  • Spayed/neutered, flea/wormed, microchipped
  • Looking for a home where they’re the only pets

Say hello to Evie and Lester. They are a closely bonded pair of siblings and must be homed together. Due to the upheaval of coming into a new place they can be quite timid around people and sometimes run away and hide at the slightest noise. It is therefore important that their new owner has patience and understanding as it will likely take some time for them to settle into new surroundings. Older children would be better and no other pets.


Evie especially likes to crawl into the smallest of spaces and relax away from people. Though they are timid with people, they are constantly playing together and chase each other frequently. They enjoy playing with ball toys and are mesmerised by things they can chase.

Evie and Lester have always been indoor cats but they have very much enjoyed looking out at the world through a skylight from the top of their tower, therefore a safe garden space might be nice should they decide they want to venture outside. If they are to be allowed out it should be somewhere away from a main road as neither will be road wise.


Lester is more confident than his sister and is the one most likely to come up to you looking for fuss when he is ready. He also likes watching cat TV on YouTube 😁 Although more shy, Evie is not opposed to fusses, however it is very much on her terms.

We’re not arranging any meetings or home visits at the moment but please call 07591 976006 10am-6pm to register your interest.

Page last updated 25th March 2020.